Welcome to Nepali Technical Assistance Group (NTAG)

Revitalizing Health and Nutrition


NTAG was established as a non-governmental organization in 1993 and since then has emerged as one the nation’s major technical support groups extending technical support to the Ministry of Health and Population in implementing the community based program, the National Vitamin A Program, CB – IMCI, deworming, iron intensification and case treatment protocol programs.  NTAG has oriented, trained and coordinated with health workers all over Nepal at the primary health centers and other health facilities.  NTAG has been extending technical support in motivating and mobilizing almost 49,000 Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and has been dosing vitamin A capsules to 3.7 million children biannually each year over two days since 1993.  NTAG has initiated and played a crucial role in establishing the FCHV Endowment Fund to sustain the FCHV program in Nepal.  NTAG has received financial assistance from USAID, UNICEF, AusAID, MI, WHO, WFP, JICA, etc.

Our Mission

NTAG’s mission is to promote, through its pool of experts, sustainable and participatory development by training health personnel and mobilizing the target population.  NTAG envisages its role as a technical assistance group and development organization which, together with national and international level partners, strives to achieve millennium development goals.


  • to enhance technical and management capabilities of health personnel involved various health programs by providing training and professional consultancy.
  • to develop innovative approaches for community based projects
  • to implement programs that mobilize target populations with an emphasis on community participation.
  • to provide technical and management support essential for the effective and systematic development of programs in Nepal.
  • to undertake research studies and surveys which are crucial for the development of Nepal.